How to Draw Boss Baby

How to Draw Boss Baby

    How to Draw Boss Baby

    everyone welcome to the club today I'll be showing you how to draw the boss baby
    using simple step-by-step techniques so stick around 

    and let's get started 
    you get started by drawing the eyelids let's start on the left side and just
    draw a shallow curve on the outside of the eye hurry up and over towards the
     stone over here hurry up and then and we leave a little gap in the center
    and do the same thing on the right we're going to take the inside of the eyelid 
    and just curl it around for the frown line starting on the Left blend into a
    curl and just pull it up and out we'll do the same thing on the right curling
    in and then out in between we can add a little curve for the center front line
    moving down and up..
    How to Draw Boss Baby

     now we're going to
    draw up curve for the lower part of the 
    eye so insert on left side recur down 
    something a half circle down towards the 
    bottom of the eye and then back up 
    towards the top..  
    we do the same thing on the right side 

    start from the inside..
    How to Draw Boss Baby
    now we're going to tuck in the large 
    irises underneath the eyelid now we're 
    going to shift these in towards the 
    center a little bit so there'll be a 
    little bit more white space on the 
    outside starting a leopard step over and 
    straw like that house sort of coming 
    down leaving a little bit of space and 
    then back up towards the inside.. we do 
    same thing on the right..
    now on the top left 
    we're going to draw a little small 
    circle just letting it dive in for a 
    little highlight and then we're going to 
    trace the inside edge of this iris for 
    the pupil so just underneath the 
    highlight we're going to trace around 
    and then back up refills the pupil in 


    How to Draw Boss Baby

    let's do the same thing on the right 
    side Sauron 7 left with little highlight 
    circles and at the bottom of the circle 
    drawn the outside edge of the people 
    will fill that in black

    How to Draw Boss Baby

    now just a book guys ones a little fold 
    on the upper brow area so the left side 
    red stuff up just curve down in it out 
    turn around and down over the eye we do 
    the same thing on the right side but 
    this we're going to pull up a little bit 
    higher.. so right in here we can curve it 
    up and then pull it out now we're going 
    to step up a lovely little fold and just 
    go it same curve for the eyebrow starts 
    on the outside round down and then just 
    pull it up at the end ..we leave a little 
    space on the inside so we do the same 
    thing on the right.. coming down up and 

    then out ..

    How to Draw Boss Baby

    just in between the eyes may
    step down a little and draw an oval for
    the nose start to the top go arrest the
    sides and back up towards the top..
     below the nose we're going to add in the mouth
    we're going to shift them up over toward
    the left so start with a little curve so
    that's right curving down what's right
    on the right side which could curl this
    back up on the Left I've read your
    little hook going upwards now we're
    going to cook again going out towards
    left just above the mouth we're going to
    add another little curve that goes up to
    the upper lip.. go up and pull that back
    down on the bottom we draw a smaller one
    stepping in your time
    curve and then below the lip we got
    little current going in the opposite

    direction  for the chin 

    now that we got
    the face that's drawn the outsides of the head so on the left side of the eye
    will step over start over here in the temple we're going to curve out and then
    down towards the chin right about here 
    so starting just beside of the eyelid all of that welcomed out and curve it in
    towards the chin in the middle I'm going to go back up on the right side point
    out start to curve it up just beside the right eyebrow  

    we've got a huge head so we're going to draw a big curve that 
    goes up to the topic and right about here so we started up so I'm going to 
    bump this out again curve me out and start to pull it in towards the top of 
    then I locate the top of the head right about here 
    see that curve I'm going to pull this 
    around towards the right side..
    How to Draw Boss Baby
    up at the top would add a little hairline through
    because this little swirl along this way
    so we start the tip right here just
    above the right I start with a point
    we're here a curve up towards the left
    and then round it out towards the side
    of the head point out as we get to the
    top I'm going to swirl it around now
    what a curve is out towards the side of
    the head just letting it towards side
    and tapering it down on this side of the
    right where oil is towards the left
    first and I just pull it back towards
    the right to blend into the side of the
    head on the right there let's add a few
    little hair strands so on the tip curve
    around it up we're going to add one more
    going up towards the center going
    upwards we had one little one on the
    side here so this curve is we could see

    that curve going up..

    How to Draw Boss Baby

     let's add ears on
    the side of the head so just above this
    point go the top of your curving out is
    pull it in one side of the head we're
    going to add a little curve in the
    inside to the inner ears on the side of
    the here okay and then
    just sitting on the right on this post
    step up from the top here and pull that
    back in right in this little twice turn

    around and hook this back 

    How to Draw Boss Baby

    okay so now
    we've got the head that's worked our way
    down the bottom and how the arms are
    folded in front with a thumb pointing
    upwards so starting down here where we
    layer in the hands first in the middle
    we've curved up and up towards the left
    going backwards longer to curve up and
    out towards the right now this is a tip
    of the finger so we're just going to
    curl around towards the left going up
    and it just hooking it back towards the
    left so do the same thing on the right 
    coming down a finger going up and Incept 
    right the tip here at this line going to 
    step back curve out and it will hook 
    this back down on the right we'll do the 
    same thing stepping in welcome up and
    pull this back and down.. 
     now we want to 
    pull the fingers in behind here so we're 
    just going to drop searing a little ways 
    I go across like this so on the side the 
    right fingers we're going to curve out 
    for the tip of the finger you go back

    How to Draw Boss Baby

    towards the left..
     we do the opposite now 
    we're going to come around the finger go 
    back over towards the right and roll one 
    more figure on the right side coming 
    around and back over toward the left.. 
    now we're going to curl this figure again 
    coming back over towards right now this 
    is going to go all the way up and meet 
    the edge of that thumb curving around the wrist 
    and up towards the top on this I was 
    going to curve in to tuck this in behind 
    the tip of the finger coming out and 
    just pulling that back in..
     now from here 
    one draw on the top of the arms so right 
    beside us element right here we curve up 
    and up towards the left which is facing 
    all the red curving up and out towards 
    the right one add little wrinkle here 
    while halfway longest curve go up and 
    then out the same thing on the right.. 
     now up here just in the same fold area up 
    the inner part of the arms these curves 
    are going outwards kind of curving up 

    this way..
    How to Draw Boss Baby

    now we've drawn the inside edge of the
    jacket so right with a thumb beat the
    arm is current level and it out same
    thing on the right side just talking
    about the nominees ahead we're going to
    add the collar so we're leaving gap in
    the center on the left side angle down
    the same thing on the right now but
    halfway along this line re-enable two
    lines coming in towards the middle
    leaving little gap close that
    gap with straight line these two
    bottom corners is going to angle out
    behind the thumbs for the edge of the tie

    now let's go ahead and draw on the
    outside front yard so we don't want to
    leave a little space on the side here so
    underneath ahead we incur miss out and
    then down so right about here this one
    would curve underneath the hand and go
    down and tuck us in on anything end
    we're going to treat that little wrist
    line on the inside just for the cuff
    with all the way around we do the same
    thing on the right so leaving a little
    bit of space right here we come out pull
    that down curl the bottom of the arm
    right down up towards the elbow lad a

    little trim accomplice leads 
    How to Draw Boss Baby

    now we're
    going to go in and just add the table
    top and the seat rest in behind the
    bottom so we start from the elbows right
    step up and draw a line going upwards
    towards left and then towards the right when it
    curved out on the side from here which
    to an angle slightly in now a straight line
    connect those two points with a curve
    that goes down the middle
    start on the left now we're going to
    step up on these points where you do the
    same curve just following the same curve
    on the top all the way across towards
    the right I want to add a little bit of
    a dip on the inside of the table so to
    start the sub yarn here we just tricked
    the inside part of that outer edge and
    we're going to carry this all the way
    down or the front let's taper up like
    that same thing all the right side going
    out like curving long side and just
    tapering out to right there 
    How to Draw Boss Baby

    the final part were going to add the C breast of
    the back so we start above the ears and
    draw a curve that goes out and then in
    towards that corner curve it out
    and just pull it in toward that corner
    we'll do the same thing on the right
    adjust ability here curve it out and pull
    that in towards that corner we're adding
    a little stitch line on the inside so
    just behind here we're going to follow
    that same curve all the way down in
    behind the table the same thing on the
    right out in and that's pretty much it

    there we have it there's lost baby 
    How to Draw Boss Baby

    now its ready to color it.. be creative ..draw it and color it ..then send it to us..
    I hope you enjoy today's lesson make sure
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    How to Draw Boss Baby

    Welcome to the club today I'll be showing you how to draw the boss baby simple step-by-step techniques so stick around and let's get started bring it started by drawing the eyelid and just drop shot hook her up and over towards the inside and then we're taping inside of the eyelid in this curl around for the front line start on the left into a curl up and out would do the same thing on the right curling out in between words for the center front line up for the lower part of the eye when do the same thing on the right side stomach in the inside Naugatuck in the large iris is underneath the eye the number on the outside of space and then back up what the inside we do the same thing on the right turn on the top left middle small circle in which country is the Inside Edge of the Cyrus for the pupil so just underneath the highlights been around and then back up will fill the people in Black let's do the same thing on the right side at the bottom of the circle outside edge of the people now just above the eyes one little fold of the Opera Broadway area Step Up whose curve down coming around and then down to the same thing on the right side I'm going to step up above evil hold and just think her for the eyebrow outside down at the end of space on the inside down up and then out just in between the address step down a little and draw an oval for the nose started for the top go around the sides the back up towards the top below the troll is backed up going upwards now we're to cook again going out or the left just about the mouth we're going to add another little curve that goes up for the upper lip pull up on the Block and then below the Lip Smacker going in the opposite direction for the chin now that we got the faces drawn the outside of the hats on the left side of the iris step over start over here the temple run out and then down for the chin right about here so starting just beside the island on my route turn it in for the chain in the Middle where to go back up on the right side start to curve it up just beside the right eyebrow I got a huge head just started pulling into the top of that I'm located right about here around towards the right side over the top with a below hairline Susanville swirl along this way so we start the tip start with a point up towards the left and then going out how to get to the top of the swirling around now I can pull it back towards the right side of the head on the right there Battlefield little hair strands toilet tip up one more one little one on the side here so this curbishley could see that curve going up but at the ears on the side of the head so just about this point call the top of your coming out bullet in the head inside for the inner ear on the side of the ear hook up and then do something on the rights of the year Halifax in the Snowpoint around and hook the back okay so now we got the head let's work our way down the body when the arms are folded in front the thumbs pointing upwards the starting of the middle up and out towards going back towards bottom up and out towards the right now this is a tip of the finger swear it's the curl around what the left going up and get back toward the left didn't see anything on the right finger up and then back down how old is back in town everyone full the favors in behind here so we're going to drop series a little ways I go across like this so on the side of the right finger out for the tip of the finger and go back towards the left we do the opposite. Record around the finger go back over towards the right finger on the right side around back over towards the left now we're coming back behind the tip of the finger out and deployment back in now from here ones on the top of the arm has some right beside the phone right here with her up and out towards the left would do the same thing all the way up and out towards the right spot halfway longest Kerr go up and then out the same thing on the right on the inside of the jacket up in and out on the right side underneath the head of the color so we're leaving Gap in the center on the left side angle down what do the same thing on the right now about halfway longest line in gap straight line now these two bottom corners going to angle out behind the phones for the edge of the tie now it's going to be on the outside party are so we don't want to go down on the inside just for the cup when all the way around a little bit of space right here shut down for the Bonaparte ER shrimp eat now I'm going to go in and just at the table top and the seat rest in behind the body so we start from the elbows red step up and draw the line going outwards for the left and towards the right when her out on the side different angles slightly in a straight line we're going to check those two points with a crew that goes down the stuff up on these points when do the saying her to swell in the same crib long top all the way across towards the right what's on the inside of the table anything on the right side going out to right there fire department as a seat rest in the back to start above the ears and Drucker that goes out and then in or is that corn coming out triple that in that corner all the way down same thing on the right route and that's pretty much it there we have it there is boss baby I hope you enjoy today's lesson make sure you subscribe and send it to your request in the comments below thanks for watching and we'll see you again soon