How to Draw Boruto Naruto Shippuden

How to Draw Boruto Naruto Shippuden
    How to Draw Boruto   Naruto Shippuden

    hey there today I going to show you how to draw burrito
    so with this drum we're only going to
    focus on the upper half of the body so the head down to the waist 
    so let's
    start with the eyes starting on the left and start with the upper curve of the
    eyelid starting on the outside Whitaker towards the top and then from
    here I'm going to come towards the center down to the bottom of the eye
    just down like that so it's a little curve like this from here we're just
    going to step in a little bit on the left side and draw a curve coming down
    and then from here we're going to draw the bottom eyelid so here I'm just going
    to draw a little line I'm not going to close it off on the ends I just kind of
    want to draw a little curve going across
    like that
    from here let's go to the right side and draw the exact same thing so starting on
    the inner curve start down here bring up and we're going to draw the upper eyelid
    so I'm going across and down and so here we're going to step in a little bit on
    the right and curve down and then again in the bottom eyelid just going to draw
    a little curve going across we're not going to close off the gaps from here
    let's draw in the IRS the pupils so over here we can draw a big circle on the
    upper half of the eye so up here just draw a circle and just tuck that in
    underneath the upper eyelid over here let's draw the same thing so up here
    curve around close it up at the top now let's draw the people so in the center
    here I'm just going to draw little black dots the black circle okay

    How to Draw Boruto

    from here
    let's go down towards the nose so the
    nose is pretty high up on the face so
    all we want to do here is just draw two
    little curves going in towards each
    How to Draw Boruto

    from here I'm going to draw the
    mouth and the mouth is quite wide and
    I'm draw it in a slight slant like this
    so underneath this I will go over to the
    right side so over here and draw a curve
    so it's got a slight angle to it and
    from the end I'm just going to curve up
    a little bit and then just underneath
    this mouth I'm just going to draw a
    little line going across just to
    indicate the bottom lip
    How to Draw Boruto

     from this point I'm going to go up to the top of the
    head and draw the hair bangs that come down so in the center I'm going to work
    my way up to the top right here in the middle and draw a little point from here
    let's draw the band that goes in towards the right
    so from this point curved down and just touch the eye and then we're going to
    curve up to the outside of this so we're going to curve up like that now let's go
    to the other side and draw the long bang that comes across
    over the left eye to the side so from here it's going to curve up to that
    point now if we're here it kind of creates a sort of like a curve and comes
    down on this side here but I'm not going to close off the top so I just kind of
    want to curve around up to about here so curving up then just curving and just
    finishing off like that on this side I'm going to draw this portion on the left
    on the right side here so doing it overlap I'm going to draw a curve going
    down so roughly the same height as I have on the left from here I want to
    kind of curve up and try to pretend that you're meeting up at this point here but
    I'm not going to close it off I'm just going to end off somewhere around here
    so here I'm just going to curve down and just close it off like that

    How to Draw Boruto

     now that I have the inner parts of the face it'll help me to figure out where to line up
    the jaw and where to draw the chin so the jaw is going to come down to roughly
    the same height as the mouth so over on the left side here it's going to curve
    down towards the height of the mouth and then on the right side as well you see
    I'm sort of curving in towards each other from here I'm going to go down
    towards the chin and the chin I'm going to locate right about there so from this
    point I'm going to round out the jaw and go straight into that point like so just
    kind of close that off a little bit better there and if we're here I'm going
    to go up to the right side with a curve and then rounding out the jaw okay

     from here let's get into the whiskers over here just underneath this eye I'm just
    going to draw a curve going towards the center of the face and then down here
    I'll draw the same thing on this side I'll do one over here and then one just
    below it okay 
    How to Draw Boruto

    now that we have
    let's draw the headband so just above the eyes and I draw a curve that goes
    underneath the hair bangs I come down so starting on the left going across behind
    the hair and then over on the right side
    now from this point we can draw in the eyebrows so what I want to do is on 
    drawing eyebrow angle right above this I just coming down like
    this and I'm going to draw a curve or an angle line going up towards the center
    of the head it's the short little line
    and they're going to double widen out this eyebrow so I'm just going to make
    it twice as wide like this and so you can see a little bit of an overhang here
    on the end let me go to the right side and draw that overhang first then angle
    a line behind that hair bang and make that thicker just like that okay so we
    got the internal parts of the face if you want you can go in and just thicken
    up the upper outer part of the eyelid so let's go ahead and just thicken up the
    top edge go around on this corner here just make that a little bit thicker and
    then the upper edge here we'll make that bigger so you can see I'm just sort of
    tapering at all as I get towards the center of the face it gets thicker as we
    get to the outside here okay
    How to Draw Boruto

    from this point that's drawing some detail on the headband so I'm just going to do a
    little trim here for the metal plate this and then up here I'm just going to
    leave that upper part alone but I'm going to draw the metal trim line just
    up there like that we're let's draw the symbol so this is almost like a circle
    but it sort of swirls around itself so starting up here curve around and then
    just do a little swirl like this from the end here I'm going to go up in an
    angle on the bottom I'm going to draw a straight line going across the bottom
    like that, and from here I'm going to connect to the top there from here
    that's there in some of the hair so there's three sort of like almost like
    leaf shaped hairs like stick up on the side of the head but what I'm going to
    do is I would strum with the surface it looks like a little apple core thing in
    the center here so I'm going to start at the side here and draw a curve going up
    to the left on the top here I'm doing an angled line and then curving down and it
    gets a little bit smaller as I get towards the center so this is our center
    point their starting point this is where all the hair is sort of branches out
    from so let's start learning on the hair so down here on the left side I'm going
    to curve up to the first spike, from here I'm going to curve in and up so this
    point I'll curve in go up and then just kind of like pull it back
    in towards that core let's go to the right side and do the same thing so
    starting down here and curve up and then starting up here I want to do that curve
    that goes down and then out to the tip so right here on a curve down and then
    curving in the opposite direction to that tip there we're going to continue
    this until we get around this little core so if you're going to do another
    overlap curve that goes up and I'm going to curve down up and then towards that
    core do the same thing on this side so this curve first started right about
    here curve up and starting right about here I'm going to draw that curve that
    goes down and then strings out towards that tip and it finally has two big ones
    that surround this core right here draw a little crumb that goes up and
    then we're going to swing this line that goes down and then behind that stem here
    let's start on the other side curve out and then up and then I pull this one
    right and behind there just like so okay

    How to Draw Boruto

    so we got the upper part of the head that's drawn just to the bottom ear
    lobes here just way to get a little bit of detail so on the side here it's going
    to draw a little angle line coming down and pull that right in towards the head
    over here I'm just going to draw a little curve like that,, alright from here
    let's draw on the neck and again I'm going to draw just the upper part of the
    body I'm going to have a hand sort of fold it over so they're kind of crossed
    so let's start the neck so the neck is pretty much the width of the mouth so on
    this side here to draw a straight line coming down on the right I'll do the
    same thing from here I'm just going to draw on the necklace and the pendant
    that sticks down the middle the neck so here I go to the side of the neck here
    and just draw a curve and it will curve up towards the right and then I'll keep
    the pennant very simple so here I'm just going to draw like an oval and then
    along this edge I'm just going to draw these little curves that go across like
    that so like fit probably at four in there,,
    okay from here let's draw the upper parts of the shoulder just a little bit
    of it as it gets tucked in behind the jacket collar okay so from here I'm
    going to have to draw in just a bit of the shoulders before I draw in the arms
    and then I'm going to just because the arms overlap the jacket
    so from here I'm just going to draw a curve go doing a little overlap on the
    left and curve down like this now on this side I'm gonna have this color on
    the left opened up this that's going to curl over so I'm going to draw a curve
    from here going up and just above the jawline there from here I'm going to
    curve out okay so this is the top edge of the collar,,,

    How to Draw Boruto

     now this is going to curve in now you can see that I'm sort of
    aiming here I'm going to stop right there because this is actually blends in
    with the shoulder now if you imagine this collar curving around and then
    behind the head the line will come sort of like that now from here and imagine
    this curve coming out to the left side collar so here I'm just going to draw
    curve behind the head and this because it's opened up it's going to curve in
    this direction like that from here that's drawing the shirt color so here
    I'm going to draw curve from left to right and draw a primal behind that
    pendant I continue on the right side I'm going to do a little trim on the bottom
    here like that let's get into the shoulder I'm going to keep this quite
    simple so if this is the shoulder upper shoulder it's going to continue on this
    side with a curve like this same thing on this side so I'm going to curve down
    towards the right now let's draw the shoulders down to the elbow if I don't
    draw the elbows down to about here so on this side I'm just going to draw a curve
    like this on the right I'll do the same thing now we're going to have to overlap
    the upper part of the arm over that shoulder so for the tip of the elbow
    occur and then just overlap that shoulder line we'll do the same thing on
    this side so overlapping down towards the elbow now if we're here I'm gonna
    have to draw in this arm first before I get into this arm because this one's
    going to overlap on top so the arms across this way so starting here I'm
    going to curve up towards the wrist area so from here draw a little simple curve
    that goes up towards the right side we draw the cuff of the sleeve here so
    strong the width of the arm so let's do it through the arm
    from here I'm going to go down and into the wrinkle of the elbow so from this
    point and go towards my finger and curve down like this,,, we leave a
    little open gap here but up here we're just going to do an overlap just draw a
    wrinkle to the sleeve because the fabric gets pulled in like this,,,
    How to Draw Boruto

    from here we can draw the upper arm so up here I'm
    going to draw a curve in toward that shoulder point and I'll probably do
    another wrinkle here just like that just to show the fabric is getting pulled in
    like this from this point let's finish off this arm on the right we're going to
    tuck this elbow arm underneath the left arm so over here it's going to draw a
    curve that goes towards that elbow now from here I'm going to draw sort of like
    what I did here up here so let's draw curve like this do a little overlap and
    just curve that up from this arm the pricee a bit of the wrist coming over in
    behind the right arm so right about here I'll draw curve like this and then on
    this side I'll probably just draw a curve just to show the right arm tucking
    in underneath the armpit so from this point I can actually go in and finish
    off the jacket so pulling on these lines and pull them down behind that arm it's
    draw so trim around the jacket so there's a little strip that goes along
    this arms up here it's going to trace that upper shoulder this is going to
    come down into that wrinkle there I've come down here and just continue the
    stripe down to about there like that but this one's going to go right up into the
    cuff of that sleeve just like so from here I'm just going to go back down here
    and just draw that stripe going all the way across we'll do that same thing on
    the right side so here I'll draw the stripe on the top and pull that into
    that line then down here somewhere I'm going to pull a stripe down again and
    this is going to go underneath this arm this and pull that right in like that
    it's drawn a bit of the bottom part of the jacket so here this is the shoulder
    that the sides will come down like this so let's draw a line coming down here
    and one on this side this jacket zipper will come down this way this one will
    come behind that arm down here if you like you could do a little bit of trim
    so let's go ahead and just trim that inner core that jacket so we can
    get a little bit of zipper detail that over here we'll pull this down in the
    middle and on the side as well
    How to Draw Boruto

    How to Draw Boruto
    and that
    is pretty much it there we have it
    there's burrito I hope you enjoyed this
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    this with your friends thanks for
    watching and we'll see you again soon

    Can you show me how to draw Naruto so with this drawing we're only going to focus on the upper half of the body so the head down to the waist so that start with the eyes start Anna left on start with the upper curve of the eyelid turn on the outside when Kerr what's the top name from here to come towards the center down to the bottom of the I just don't like that's a little curl up in a little bit on left side and Drug her coming down and if we're here we're going to draw the bottom eyelid so here I was going to a little while I'm going to close it all going to pot like that from here let's go to the right sign for the exact same thing. Hurry up and Robbie upper eyelid so going across and down over here going to step in a little bit on the right down and then again the bottom eyelid control the curve going across from the clothes off the gaps I'm here let's join the are some people so over here in a big circle on the upper half of the truck here to draw a circle in the upper eyelid over here that's the same thing up here Corral closing up at the top of the people send us a little black dots black circle if you hear this go down towards the news for the news is pretty high up on the face so all we want to do here is this draw two little curves going towards each other from here I'm going to draw the mouth of the Mask white wife and Angela and a slight slant like this so I didn't go over to the right side so over here and draw curved so it's got a slight angle to it in from the end up a little bit and then just a little I'm going across just indicate the bottom lip from this point I'm going to go up to the top of the head and draw their hair bangs I come down a little point of the band that goes in towards the right I from this point on a curve down and just touched the eye I've been with the Curve up to the outside of it so we're going to come out like that now let's go to the other side until the long thing that comes across over the left eye to the side so from here it's going to curve apps that point and comes down here but I'm not going to close off the top around here coming up when does craving am just finishing up like that on this side I'm going to draw this portion on the left on the right side here so do not overlap I'm going to draw a curve going down so roughly the same height as I have on the left from here I want to come up here and just close it off like that now that I have the inner parts of the face it would help me to figure out where to line up the jaw and where to draw the chin so the jaw is going to come down to roughly the same height as the two over on the left side here it's going to curb down towards the height of the mouth and then on the right side as well you see in towards each other for the chin chin allocate right about there sublet apartment around at the jaw and go straight into that point like so close that off a little bit up to the right side the curve and the routing of the jaw if you're looking to the whiskers over here to draw curved going towards the center the face and then down here on this side I'll do one over here and then one just below it another go ahead then start on the left across behind the hair and then over on the right side now from this point we can draw on the eyebrows 101 is coming down like this and I'm going to draw curved or an angle line going up for the center of the head is too short little line and then double wide and out this Ira Weiss wife a little bit of an overhang here on the end of the right side and jaw that overhang first Angela line behind that are being picker stick that case we got the in the upper outer part of the island so Go Ahead Tours picking up the top Edge go right on this corner here make that little bit thicker than the upper Edge hero make that picture she can see on this sort of tapering it off as I get towards the center of the face to get sticker as I get to the outside hear it from this point that's Johnson detail on the headband from here for the metal plate that's enough cancel leave that upper part alone but I'm going to draw the metal trim line just up there like that really strong the symbol so this is almost like this world around until starting up here around and then just do a little squirrel like this from the end here I'm going to go up in an angle on the bottom I'm going to draw straight line going across the bottom like that connect to the top there for sure that they're in some of the hair so that there's three soar like a leaf shaped hairs that stick out on the side of the head but what time do the apple core in the center of your son get start at the site here and draw a curve going up to the left on the top here and do an angle line and then curving down in a little bit smaller as it gets for the center so this is our Centerpoint the starting point is where all the Harris Orbitz branches out from so let's start during on the hair so down here on the left side up to the first Spike I'm down to Kirk and up in go up and then just pull it back in towards a car go to the right side of the same thing since starting down here up and then starting up Scout 1/2 that code that goes down and then up to the tip so right here on a curve down and then curving in the opposite direction to that tip they're going to continue this until we get around this look or so if you're bent over lat and I would have her down up and then pour the core do the same thing on this side so this skirt first starting running back here come up and starting right about here on drall occur that goes down then straightens out towards the tip and finally his two little ones that surround the score right here and I'm going to swing this line that goes down and then behind that stem from here that start on the other side out and then up and then pull this one right in behind they're just like so we got the upper part of the head is jaundice to the bottom of earlobe over here to send you a little car like that electric airless draw on the neck and again I'm going to draw up a part of the body enhancer to fold it over so they're kind of crossed susto the neck of the mouth it's on this side here to draw straight line coming down on the right I'll do the same thing for Jeremy is going to join the necklace and the pendant that sticks down here next year in this trucker I'm up towards the right and then I'll keep the pendant very simple so I was going to draw like an oval and then along this Edge I was going to draw these Jokers Echo across like that so they had to get stuck behind a jacket collar from here I'm going to have to draw in just a bit of the shoulders before I join the Army and then I have to come back to pick up the jacket little overlap left town like this going up and just above the jawline there from here on a curve out of the top edge of the color in certain Blends in with the shoulder now that you mention this color curving around and behind the head like that now from here and imagine his crew coming out to the left side collar so he took her behind the head and this because it's opened up its going to curve in this direction like that forget to stretch a shirt collar so here I'm a joker from left to right behind that pendant and continue on the right side when do a little trim on the bottom like that it's getting to the show tonight going to keep this quite simple so this is the shoulder upper shoulder can you continue liquor like this same thing on this site I'm going to curve down towards the right now let's draw the shoulders down to the Elbow out here and dropped her like this on the right I'll do the same thing now we're have to overlap the upper part of the arm over that shoulder surfing the tip of the elbow overlap that shoulder line will do the same thing on this side still overlapping down towards the elbow this arm first before I get into the trunk of this one's going to overlap on top so the alarms across this way so starting for the rest area so procure trundle simple car that goes up towards the right side of the sleeve here so drawing the width of the arm so this is the width of the arm for sure I'm going to go down and into the wrinkle of the elbow so from this point and go towards my finger and then curve down like this illegal opengapps here but up here it's going to be an overlap just drove a break over this week in the fabric is pulled in like this from the upper arm so up here and tore that shoulder point and I'll try to do another wrinkle here just like that just to show from underneath the left over here she talked her that goes towards that elbow that's what I did hear from this area pricing a bit of the wrist coming over in behind the right arms right back here like this and then on this side of the right arm touching and underneath the armpit so from this point I can actually go in and finish off jackets of pulling on these lines and pull them down behind that are the straw some trim around the jacket so little strip that goes longest arms up here to trace. Upper shoulder is going to come down into that wrinkled there and come down here and just continue the strike out there like that unless I'm just going to go right up into the cuff of that sleeve it's like so he's going to go back down here and just draw that stripe going all the way across would do that same thing on the right side so hear the stripe on the top and it pulled into that line the down here somewhere I'm going to pull this truck down again in this evening to go underneath this arm this people that write in like that the Drone the bit of the bottom for the jackets are here this is a shoulder that the sides will come down like this so This draw a line from down here and this jacket zipper will come down this way this one will come behind the arm down here if you'd like to give you a little bit of trim so let's go ahead and just trim out that's enough of that jacket so we can get a little bit of zipper detail that's for sure you pull this down in the middle and on the side as well and that is pretty much it there we have it there's boruto I hope you enjoy this lesson please give us a like and share it is the difference thanks for watching and we'll see you again soon